A fulltimers Journal - 2008


Camelot Sunrise

And my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION is to take some pictures along the way and keep this site up to date this year. A Camelot Sunrise seemed to be a good way to start the new year. More to follow as the year unfolds.

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

3/14/08 We're off and running Eagles Pride

Well maybe crawling would be a better description of the start. Ran up to Eagles Pride in Titusville to get the water softener installed and get the wheels weighed. They gave us a plug in for the night and we'll head out in the morning.

Had a problem with the ABS/Jake going off again. Called Spartan and they set me up with a shop near Pensacola to get it checked out. I think it relates back to the generator repair, just a loose wire, but since it's intermittent it may be a problem to find.

Next stop will be somewhere on the way to Pensacola. We're taking back roads the entire way so it will be more of a scenic and fun trip instead of just rolling down the freeway.

3/15/08 - Carrabelle Palms RV Park, Carrabelle, Fl.

Carravel, Fl


We decided to take the scenic route and I discovered the difference between 55 on back roads and 68 on the freeway. It may be a little slower but it's a lot more fun and interesting. Very little traffic, a lot more relaxing and another MPG on fuel :)) We also discovered the ABS/Jake problem is heat related - running 55 it doesn't happen, running 60+ it does after an hour or so.

Ran up the US27 to the US98 and then took the 98 across the panhandle. Much of it runs along the coast and it's a real scenic route. Lots of small towns with the old style houses and a lot fewer tracts and condo villages.

Carrabelle Palms RV Park, Carrabelle, Fl. was a really nice place - full hookups and easy in/out. Picture is the view out my office window.

3/16/08 - honey hard at work browsing the net

Navarre, Fl

Emerald Beach RV Park, Navarre, Fl. is one we've stayed at before and really liked. It's on Santa Rosa Sound and the bridge over to the barrier island is right up the street. It'll be interesting to ride over and see how the hurricane repair is coming along. There was a lot of work in progress the last time we were here.

We'll be staying 5 nights, visiting with Eileen and doing a little sight seeing. Maybe get a little work done as well, there's still a few issues with the new routing :~0 and take TisIt into the shop to see if they can find the ABS/Jake problem and get it fixed.

I'm reworking some of the schedule and routing and getting us off the freeways and on to the byways.

3/21/08 - Red Bay, Al (Allegro Campground)

Red Bay Al

That's us with the antenna sticking up :)). Stopped by to get a number for service. We waited 4 weeks last time, so this time we're picking up the number and then heading on for the truck show, professional services in Joplin and then back to get our service done.

Ran up from Pensacola on the back roads again. I'm starting to really get into this back roading. It's a lot more relaxing as long as you don't get up tight when you get stuck behind farmer brown, or grandma moses for a few miles. It's also a lot more interesting than just running miles down the freeway. Been there and done that when we were trucking. Seen all the freeway I need to see for one lifetime.

3/23/08 - Franklin, Ky (Bluegrass Music RV Park formerly the KOA)


We ran up the Natchez Trace from Red Bay to Nashville where it ends. A really nice drive except for the last 10 or 20 miles - when you his the 40mph sign it's really time to slow down as the road gets very windy as it winds through the hills there. Also hit a couple of detours where they're working on the trace. One was interesting, the other good that we didn't meet an oncoming RV or car for that matter. The road was just wide enought for 2 small cars to pass each other - needless to say that meant we were taking up a good part of the oncoming lane.

The sign is where we stopped for lunch (ate in there isn't a store or resturant there). There are a lot of pull outs along the trace which makes it a nice road if you like to stop often.

We're in Franklin, Ky for the night - forcast is for 28degrees and light snow :((. If it's really white out in the morning I'll get another picture of the campground and TisIt in the snow. They say snow for tomorrow morning as well, so we'll plan on a late start to give it time to warm up and melt before we hit the road. It's about 120 miles to Louisville so it'll be a short drive tomorrow.

3/24/08 Louisville, Ky -

Mid-America Truck Show

Well it did do a little dusting overnight, but it didn't stick so all we had in the morning was a little white on the towed. It was an easy drive up and we were here early so it was take our pick on front row spots. We usually park as close as we can to the building to make it easier for Sheila to get in. Parking at the Louisville Fairgrouds & Exposition center is nothing fancy but we get water and power and there is a shared dump so we can dump if we need to.

We're the only ones on the row who chose the gold carpet and it really set's the display off and makes us noticeable. Weather is supposed to be pretty rainy but that usually doesn't stop the truckers from coming. They're a neither rain nor show group :))

They have entertainment every night after the show but we usually pass on the festivities - spending 10-6 on your feet talking with people all day tends to wear us down so all we want to do is go home and crash after the show.



3/30/08 Stanton, Mo KOA

Stanton, Mo

Enroute to Joplin, Mo for a professional services job. Uneventful drive over from Louisville. Ran the big road (interstate) all the way but kept the speed down, 62 in the 65/70 zones and 57 in the 55 zones, and I think it's paying off our MPG is up from 6.5 to over 7.6 :))

This looks like an interesting spot, the Jess James Wax Museum is right out the window and the Meremac Caverns are right up the road. Wish we weren't in a hurry this trip, but have to get to Joplin and get settled, do some shopping to stock up the pantry again etc and be at work bright and early Tuesday.

That's a whole lot of canoes there in the background. There's a river here with rafting trips and canoes to rent - sure it's a lot of fun a little later in the year when it warms up a bit. It's 60 out right now and there's flash flood warnings for the rivers - not a good day for paddling around in a canoe.

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