A fulltimers journal - 2009


Camelot Sunrise

A Camelot Sunset seemed to be a good way to start 2009. Christmas came and went with only mild fanfare (and no pictures) this year as we decided that the current economy made prudence a virtue - so we didn't Christmas shop and the economy took a steep nose dive :( Ah well the reserves thanked us even if the retailers didn't. We'll be back on the road soon - head out mid-March for Louisville, and we'll try to keep this up as we go. We're going to try and do more state and federal parks this year.

More to follow as the year unfolds.

HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL and if you're out there on the roads BE SAFE.

2/10/09 - Travelers RV Park, Alachua, Fl
White Peacock

2/1 thru 2/12/09: I95>Toll thru Orlando>I75> US82>us43:Fayette, Al and just reverse it with the exception of US82>US231>US84>I75 on the way back for a little variety.

Had to run up to Fayette, Al for a Professional Services gig and then came right back - it's COLD up there in Feb. On the way back we stopped at Travelers RV Park and they have a little zoo there and a lot of parrots - especially Maccaws - but it was the white peacock that stole the show. I've never seen an all white one before and he was chasing the lady all around the pen strutting his stuff :))

A better camera is on the list for this year as I've discovered the improved clarity a newer camera can give us. This shot in particular I think could have been a lot clearer if we'd had a better camera. I think it was focusing on the fense instead of the bird......

3/14/09 - Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga

I95>Toll thru Orlando>I75>Macon, Ga

Well last year we started out with a crawl, this year we hit the ground running. Malabar to Macon, Ga on day one (438 miles) and starting off the year right with a stop at Tobesofkee Recreation Area, a state park, and a pretty nice one. Our guardian angel was working overtime on this one - there was only one pull through empy, someone had been in it and was supposedly still there, but a little checking revealed he'd left that morning and just didn't check out - so there we are, Lake Front with the best seat in the house.

It was drizzling and those white dots are the flash bouncing off the rain drops. Thought it gave this shot a "artsy" look :)) It was also a little foggy when I went out to take the picture, should have taken it the evening before when it was clear and sunny, so you'll have to take our word for it - there is a lake out there.

3/15/09 Cave City RV Park, Cave City, Ky
Cave City, Ky

I75-I24>I65>Cave City, Ky

Another day and another 430 miles down the road. Actually work has been quiet over the week-end, few emails etc. to attend to and so we got an early start both days and traffic also worked for us - just one tie up and it was only a mile ahead of us so we got by it fairly quickly. First time I've seen that happen - an overturned car in the middle of the road is not an uncommon occurrence, but in this case it came off a car hauler and that's what made it unusal. With the rain there were a couple other cars in the middle, but they were slid off the road 4 wheelers, one of whom had spun around, was facing the wrong way and pulled out across the highway to turn around and get back on the road - luck was with him I think, I didn't see a sudden rash of brake lights in my mirrors so I assume he made it.

3/16/09 Louisville Convention Center, Louisville, Ky
Louisville, Ky

I65>Louisville, Ky

We're set and setup in our spot - a picture of the new booth will grace this page as soon as I get it set up. Didn't really want to spend the bucks for a new booth right now, but my new lifting restrictions forced us to find something lighter that I could handle - herniated disk, L5, has put damper on a lot of the things I used to do, but we're adjusting ;))

Weather is supposed to be promising for tomorrow - 72 they said and clear - so the Dinky is down, polished and ready to ride. We're the only one up here in the front for the moment, I'm sure that'll be changing today - but for now it's pretty quiet if you don't count the UPS jets all taking off at 5am and the trains running by all night :) But we're not here for a peaceful respite - that will come in a few weeks.

3/18/09 - Louisville Truck Show
Louisville Truck Show

The Truck Show

Here's the new booth - click the picture, you need to see if full size to appreciate it. Kudos and great thanks to my brother for the design and the art work - if anyone is interested in improving thier image and needs a little help -

Michael Ewing, www.ewingworks.com

He's also responsible for the design of our business web site - www.truckershelper.com

The number is exhibitors is down a lot this year. We'll just have to see how attendance is. We always have a few customers who come by and it fun talking with customer and prospective customers about the program and the industry. I usually enjoy the shows even though they are a lot of work.

3/23.09 McFarland Park, Florence, Al
McFarland Park, Florence, Al

I65>US43>Florence, Al

Nice drive and a really nice park. At $15/night for a full hookup (with the hadicap discount, $18 without it) it's a deal and the near by Wilson Dam and TVA park is really great.

We went over to the park (found it by accident and didn't have the camera with us :()) so no pictures, but it has paved walking paths and nature trails through the woods. It's really a great park and a favorite with the locals judging from the number of joggers and walkers we saw while we where there. They even have a handicap trail for those who need wheelchair access.

Across the river is Sheffield, home to Smith's Tire. They do alignments for big rigs and do a lot of Allegro's, so that was the purpose of the visit. Got a all axle alignment which was needed. The tag and the steers were both off.

3/26/09 Fayette, Al
Fayette Al City Park

US43>Fayette, Al

This is the city park in Fayette, Al. We parked sideways, since the park was empty :))  - but the normal way to park is at a 90 from where we are. They have 20 or so spaces with electric (30a) and water. There is one 50a plug (space 10) which we took advantage of while we were there. The parking is on the old runway and the new small airport is next door.

It's a great little park with a lake, a trail around the lake that's a favorite with locals to walk or jog, and a number of sports fields. If you're a walker - which I am now that my back has demoted me from jogger to walker - it's a perfect camping spot as there's plenty of room to do a couple miles without going around in circles.

We stopped back to check in with our customer here and see how they're doing :))

3/28/09 - Pickensville Campground, Pickensville, Al
Pickensville Campground

AL96>AL17>AL86>Pickensville, Al

This is a Corp of Engineers campground. The first one we've stayed in and one of the nicest parks we've stayed in. Right on the TennTom waterway they have spaced down right on the river and watching the tug boats and barges is a lot of fun. The park is also great for walking (jogging) which you can do on or off the small interior roads.

They advertise 50 amps, but it's really two 30amp connections out of the same box (line) so it's not really 240/50 amps. The dryer, for example wouldn't run on it so I had to run the genny to get the clothes dry. It's also not great for satellite if you're on 83W, but I think it would be fine for SatMex5 users. The air card works, but very slow and marginal with the booster on - without it you don't get connected at all. There's a couple sites where I think I could get connected, but with just a 4 day stay not worth moving.


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