Manistique, Mi August 2011

Manistique, Mi 8/14 thru 8/27/11

Morning Walk
Morning walk

08/18/11 - Sheila was a little under the weather when we got here and I had lots to do, so we just hung out  until she was feeling better. But ride time finally came and so we decided to just check out the surrounding area and see what we could find.  Our first road turned into a dirt road after 4 or 5 miles, so we headed back and decided to  go check out  Kitch-iti-kipi (Big Spring) and do our picnic there. It  was worth going to see - the spring is really pretty interesting, the water is crystal

Taken from the raft on the spring

Looking down into the spring

clear and there's a raft you can take out over the springs. There are a couple of signs that explain about the spings, where it comes from, water flow etc. on the raft and the shot above is looking down the cut out in the center of the raft at the floor of the springs. The slightly fuzzy spots in the sand are where the water it pouring into the spring and ruffling that sand as it does. 10,000 gallons a minute - that's 14,440,000 gallons a day - now that's a lot of water :) After the springs we just rode around a little, went down by Lake Michigan as sat enjoying the lake a little and then headed home.
Picnic 08/20/11 - Had to work the 19th and again the 20th, but I thought we'd sneak out for a few minutes so we headed over to the Manitique Boardwalk which we had spotted when we went to the market and again on our bike ride a couple days ago. It looked like it might be interesting and since we'd missed our walk this morning we figured we'd check it out and then do our picnic thing at the marina.


The picnic spot is a little park right next to the marina - with a few seagulls and a couple geese to  wander and keep you amused. There's also this really strange looking boat there that I still haven't figured out. I tried to google it and find a picture of similar boats to see what they are for but haven't found anything on it yet.

Mystery Boat

Gaggle of Geese

The sunset is the 19th - only picture for that day. The Mystery Boat is the one farthest back on the left (blow that one up so you can see it) and the final shot for the day is the 'Gaggle of Geese'. So question of the day how many geese in a gaggle??  And the BIG question - what is that boat used for???? It's all enclosed, low pilot house, very strange looking. My guess is some kind of foul weather boat, maybe a rescue craft??

the road less traveled
We do like the road less traveled.
08/21/11 - it was again time for an explore and with rain in the forecast we figured we'd see if we  could find a little wheeling. So we headed for the Hiawatha National Forest which is back about 20 or 30 miles. Of course by the time we got there the first order of business was to find a suitable spot for our picnic - so off we went looking for a promising side road. Our first try looked promising but we turned around at the bogs :( - so onward to the road less traveled (on the left). This one proved  perfect for our purposes. So we stopped for our tradional picnic :)) As you can see from the

Road to the bogs

Our Picnic Spot

Trail narrows

Minor road block

next shot, the road/trail did get a little narrow in spots. And the last one is a minor road block. On our first trail we ran into a real road block, two trees that totall blocked the road and the go around was on the edge of an embankment. I got around it, then ran into the bog and decided discretion was the better part of valor so turned around. Came back by the major road block and as it faded into the distance remembered that, as usual, I was so involved finding my way by that I forgot to take a picture of it. Oh well, it was still fun picture or no picture :))
Morning walk 08/22/11 Monday dawned full of promise - but work called so it was a day to stay home and keep the nose to the grind stone. But it was a sunrise worth of note - not just to the east by also to the west. It was overcast, but with enough holes to let the glow through and light up the whole sky.

So no adventures today but my morning walk netted a little sunrise to see me through the day. These walk pictures by the way are from my Blackberry. Not bad for a phone :))

Sunrise the other direction

Picnic 08/26/11 - I'm not sure where the days go anymore, doesn't seem like I get that much done, but they fly by anyway. So here it is Friday, we're leaving Sunday, so I figured we better get out and about a little before we start heading south.

The honey wanted to do something besides just drive through the forest and the weather promised

Fayette picture of the old townrain for the afternoon, so we took the car and went to finish the explore we started on the 18th and did the turn around on when it turned into a dirt road. It turned out to be an interesting drive and we ended up at the Fayette Historical State Park which was really interesting. It's an 1800's industrial town where they made pig iron for the steel mills.

We had our picnic there and then went down to the town site to wander around and read the signs and information. Many of the original buildings are still there and you can go into them and read information on the town as it was back in the 1800's. We did the short tour as honey's foot was bothering her, but it was enough to get the feel for the place.
The sign above seemed to me to be a lot more interesting that my pictures of the town as it is today and it tells you a little about the workers and working conditions of the time. It was a time when people worked very hard just to get by. The town had everything people needed, a barber, a shoe shop (people fixed their shoes then we hadn't become a throw away country yet), a post office, hotel, and of course the foundry and all it's associated support shops and the infamous "company store".

Taking a break 08/27/11 - no picnic today as we did the resturant thing again. It was a great ride but I can't take pic's while riding like I can in the cage (that's a car to those who don't speak scooter). I think for next year I'm going to put one of those handlebar mounted camera's on - it'll do video and then I can pick out a few good shots from the ride. The one I'm looking at also does GPS so it can create a route to go along with the video or pictures :))

We rode up the MI94 to Shingleton and then across MI28 to Munising. The original plan had been to do a waterfall or two up in Minising - they have a lot of waterfalls up in that area - but Sheila's achilles tendon is bothering her (it's a common side effect of taking steroids and the antibiotic that she was taking for her respitory issue last week) so we decided on just doing a ride and have lunch out for a change.

We stopped in Munising at this little Book Store/Cafe and has a pastie - I know it looks like paste-tea, but they say it paus-tea - however you say it, it was good :)) We split one and I had a hot chocolate (so got my drink and desert at the same time).

We came back down the Federal Forest SH13 and that was a ride that the handlebar camera would have been really good for. It's a nice paved road, but it runs down through the forest and it was just really peaceful and pretty. The picture I did get for the day was at a pull out where we stopped to take a break.

All in all a good ride, a good day and a fitting end to our time in Manistique. From here it's down to St Ignace for a week and then on to Pa, and the office on the way back to Fl.

  That's all folks...... Next year maybe we'll just stay up in the Munising area and do those water falls :))