5/26/08 thru 5/??/08 6/14/08 - I thoughRed Rock Canyont it might be interesting to put a map of the area up this time so there'd be a way to reference where the various trips we take actually are. All the rides will start and end in Espanola which is where we are staying.


Side of the road

5/26/08 - Our first ride was up the US285 to the US64, across to Taos and then back down the NM68.

This shot was on the US285 south of Oja Caliente. It was really windy and I stopped to switch from sun glasses to my goggles and the view was so good I just had to get a picture of it.

We stopped up the road in Oja Caliente for lunch at the El Taquita Cafe - if you're passing through this is the place to stop. Excellent food and decent prices.

The other really interesting stop along the way was at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

This show was taken from the bridge looking south and shows the cut the river has made over the centuries. Give is a few thousand more years and we may have another grand canyon here in NM.

There were also a hundred spots where the sandstone cliffs and pillars bring to mind the traditional images of New Mexico. I love those formations so there will be a shot or two of them later - didn't stop to take any today.


Side of the road NM75

Today we meant to go up NM76 NM518 and in to Taos, but we missed the 76 turn off in Espanola, so we went up the NM68 to NM75 and took that across to the 76 and we're glad we did the 75 was a great ride.

This shot is on the side of the road on the 75 just outside of Penasco. See the shot below to see what I wanted to capture, but then I sat on the bike in just the wrong place :0 - that's what happens when you have to compose the shot and then run over to get in it. The other problem is trying to review them out in the sunlight - just can't see it well enough to know if you got what you wanted or not.

Behind the one above Same location as above - that's what was supposed to be in the background for the picture of us and Dinky.
Carson Natl Forest

This was on NM516 going through the Carson National Forest. About 1/2 way through on this ride I commented to Sheila that we were going to need to take a day off to avoid "scenic overload" :))

It's 5/28 now and we're home for the day resting up for the next round of sites to see.

We've decided to extend the stay here so we'll be here at least another week.

Santa Fe, Nm


We decided to go into Santa Fe and take in a museum that Sheila wanted to see on the works of Georgia Okeefe. The museum was interesting and we got by World Market to do a little shopping as well.

The picture isn't the museum, just a building that was across from where we parked that was really representative of the architecture in Santa Fe.


Carson Natl Forest

5/30/08 - NM76>NM75>NM518>we reversed the route coming back and then took off on a side road and eventually found our way back to the NM76 :~))-

Another route up to Taos which took us back through the Carson National Forest. We stopped for our picnic lunch at one of the day use areas up in the forest. Really peaceful setting and we went for a stroll through the forest.


Espanola Valley

Here's a shot of the Espanola Valley taken from the side of the road on the NM76. There were several spots where you could see the valley stretched out in front of you.


Old Church
Church SignI figured I'd let the sign speak for itself.  The church was locked so we couldn't see the inside, but it's a very famous landmark here.
The rocks

06/06/08 - Had to work (yes I do still work occassionally) for a few days so we picked up the touring with a marathon run. US84>NM96>NM126>NM4

This was a little side road off the US84 on our way up to Ghost Ranch. Sheila spotted it as we went by, so we turned around for a little explore. It only ran a couple miles and then ended, but it ran along the side of this river and was really scenic.

Rock Formation

Here's one of the landscape pictures I promised you earlier. These rock formations fascinate me so I really enjoy riding through them. They call up images of castles and leave me with a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of nature.

This particular one caught us by surprise as we came around a bend in the road there it was and it was really breath taking. There wasn't a place to stop and I was by it before I could have gotten stopped, so this shot was taken on the way back from Ghost Ranch.

Ghost Ranch

Sheila originally thought that the Ghost Ranch was going to be a Georgia OKeefe place, but it turned out to be a Presbyterian church retreat. It's a really nice place and very laid back. They have a conference center, museum, gift shop, etc and some really great scenery.

The colors and landscapes that OKeefe painted are definitely apparent everywhere you look.


6/09/08 - NM502>NM4>Bandelier National Monument

We weren't sure where we'd end up on this ride, just headed back up the NM502 to see some of the sights we'd missed on our earlier marathon ride. By the time we got off the dirt road that day we were wearing out, so we just hustled through this area to get home.

Along the way we found Bandelier and so we decided to check it out. Turned out to be a real interesting place and to took a little hike up to where the ruins were. Those big holes in the side of the cliff are dwellings as is the adobe/rock buildings you can see in front of the cliff. The pueblo actually came all the way down to where we're standing and they're still digging out some of the ruins there.

RioGrande Gorge from US68

6/12/08 - NM503>NM76>NM75>NM518>NM68

We decided since this was our last ride (we're leaving the 14th and the 13th is our 20th Anniversary :))) that we'd try the NM503 which we hadn't been on before and head up to the day use area in Carson Nat'l Forest for a picnic. This shot is on the way back of the RioGrande gorge as seen from the NM68.

Another couple from Colorado on a anniversary (their 25th) ride also pulled in for a picnic while we were there and we shared the single picnic table that's there. It was interesting chatting with them - they have a ranch in Colorado, backup up onto the national forest there and is at 9300 feet (brrrr).

We're going to take in a movie and just hang out for our anniversary and then we head for Farmington, NM on Saturday (the 14th)


Well out original week turned into 3 weeks and we had a great time here. Time to head towards Vegas now and get ready for the upcoming truck show. We plan on coming back to this area as we really loved riding here. The only down side was that it does get very windy most afternoons, but the scenery more than makes up for it.